About Team 279

This team is a partnership between Toledo Public Schools and the Dana Holding Corporation. The team also extends to the Toledo community for support and guidance. FIRST is an acronym for:

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

Since 1989, FIRST has existed with an imperative, singular focus: to excite more young people about the fun, accessibility, and importance of science and engineering. FIRST is a non-profit organization founded to interest and inspire students in mathematics, science and technology. They work together with high schools, colleges and corporate sponsors toward these goals through programs such as the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The team is composed of students from nearby Toledo Public Schools. Dana Holding Corporation sponsors the team.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide high school students with the opportunity to learn from mentors in the field of engineering. To expose them to a real life atmosphere of a hands on engineering project. To meet the challenge of the thought process from the beginning to completion. Enter friendly competition with the desire to do well and overcome any obstacle encountered. And in the spirit of FIRST, have FUN doing it!

Team Goals

  • Promote, teach and maintain a safe working environment at all times
  • Provide the opportunity to build leadership and teamwork
  • Break down walls of diversity and build self-esteem
  • Promote gracious professionalism and the ideals of FIRST
  • Encourage education in technology and science
  • Promote the importance of education, teaching and learning
  • Generate awareness and pride in our team, school, company and community
  • Have FUN!

Building Skills

Students gain valuable experiences while working within the team on tasks such as:

  • Programming – develop the control program for the robot, and help with the computer needs of the team
  • Electronics – wiring, power, sensors, and related systems
  • Driveline – motors, wheels, treads, chains, gears, and whatever else is need to go!
  • Game Objective – The mechanisms to throw balls, grab objects, shoot Frisbees, and whatever else is need to score points
  • Game Field – woodworking and other skills to build a mock field each year for testing the robots on
  • Scouting – see what other teams are good at in competition so that we can work with them to win
  • Pit Crew – games can be rough, this team keeps the robot running between matches
  • Drive Team – the girls and guys who operate the robot on the playing field at the matches

Team History

Alliance teams have recognized Team 279 as a spirited and enthusiastic partner. The team typically participates in two competitions in a season.

  • Team 279 has been in existence since the 1998-1999 FIRST season
  • Made it to the final competition at nationals 6 of the 12 years
  • Won the Johnson & Johnson Best Sportsmanship award at the 2000 Regional Competition
  • Won the National Competition in 2001, with our alliances
  • Won the General Motors Industrial Design Award in 2003
  • Selected for finals at the Regional in 2002 – 2006
  • 2004 was our most successful year
    • The team was part of the winning alliance at the Great Lakes Regional
    • We were awarded the Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award at the Buckeye Regional
    • Tech Fusion finished fourth in our division at the national competition
    • Finished second in the division
    • Received the Curie Division Finalist Award
  • In 2005:
    • Awarded the Xerox Creativity Award at Great Lakes Regional and nationals
    • Won the Safety Award at Great Lakes Regional and Buckeye Regional
    • Won the General Motors Industrial Design Award at Buckeye
    • Won the Buckeye Regional
  • In 2006
    • Awarded the Underwriters Laboratory Safety Award at the Great Lakes Regional
    • Awarded the Safety Star of the Day Award at nationals
  • In 2007 the team was chosen as an alliance partner for both regional and national competition
  • In 2008 the team was awarded the Underwriters Laboratory Industrial Safety Award at Great Lakes Regional
  • In 2009 the team was selected for the Final Competition at the Buckeye Regional
  • In 2010 we were selected for the final round at the St. Louis Regional
  • In 2011:
    • Won the Gracious Professionalism Award offered by Johnson and Johnson
    • Won the Innovation in Control Award from Rockwell Automation
  • We attended the Pittsburgh, PA Regional in 2012 and received a Regional Finalist Award for being selected in the Championship Playoff
  • We were also in the Top 3 for the Safety Award for which we received a FIRST Safety pin
  • In 2013 we finished second in qualifications at the Cincinnati Regional and finished highest ever for our team. We played to the semi-final round