RPi – RGB LED Fader

In this episode of Cooking with Team 279, we’ll explore the PWM, and controlling the brightness of LEDs.  This exercise focuses on doing, without a lot of theory, to get exposure to how to hook a circuit up to a Raspberry Pi, and write a basic Python script to interact with it.

Also introduced are RGB LEDs, and how to create (nearly) any color using them


This builds on the Hello, Pi!, and Circuit Safety presentations







· Become familiar with the basics of how the Raspberry Pi can control hardware
· Learn how to create a slider GUI in Python
· Learn how to control the brightness of an LED
· Learn how RGB LEDs work


Parts Needed

· Raspberry Pi
· Breadboard
· 3mm or 5mm Red LED
· 3mm or 5mm RGB LED – Common Cathod
· 470Ω Resistor
· 3 x 330Ω Resistors (or 220Ω Resistors)
· Jumper Wires