RPi – Using a NexDock

We were very excited to get our shipment of NexDocks to use with our Cooking with Team 279 series.

The NexDocks are great devices to pair with a Raspberry Pi to create a mobile classroom environment, as they provide a monitor, keyboard, and mouse in a laptop form factor that is easy to transport to wherever we are working. Consequently, we don’t have to lug around bulky monitors or require students to have laptops to use their Raspberry Pi at meetings.


The keyboard and mouse on the NexDock are Bluetooth, which means that we have to pair a raspberry pi with a NexDock to use them. This means that either:

  1. We have students always use the same NexDock (what we are doing)
  2. We must have each student use a USB keyboard/mouse to connect at the start of the meeting


To help with that process, we found that it is simplest if the students are handed a NexDock one at a time to connect to prevent confusion on who is binding to which NexDock because multiple NexDocks are in pairing mode at once.

We are also marking the NexDocks so that students can use the same NexDock each session to allow the auto-binding setup to be used when they power their Raspberry Pis on (which avoids needing an external keyboard/mouse).


We’ve created the following handout to use in meetings for students to use as a reference (with a few additional details)

Handout:  rpi-connect-to-nexdock.pdf


The NexDock support page has the details we used:

The NexDock support page has details on this process.